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Getting the right equipment for the job

Large jobs require different equipment than you can find in every day rental stores. When working on an industrial scale, the tools and supplies required need to match that scale, and industrial grade tools and supplies are made for large scale, difficult jobs. If the project is significant, the initial outlay in cost for industrial grade tools will be easily offset in the long run, as equipment replacement will be less. Using tools designed for the job will also increase speed, decrease downtime, and result in fewer accidents from malfunctioning equipment or trying to get something done with an inadequate tool.


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Indicator Panel Pilot Lights: 3 Important Things To Know

Industrial machinery is highly specialized. This level of specialization typically comes with a high price tag. One of the best ways to protect your machinery against possible damage is to attach each machine to an indicator panel.

These panels are equipped with pilot lights that will alert you should any issues with the internal operation of your machinery arise. Pilot lights can seem like an insignificant part of your indicator panel systems, but these lights are critical to the success of your equipment monitoring program.

Learn more about pilot lights so that you will be better prepared to service and maintain your indicator panels in the future.

1. Pilot Lights Affect Operating Costs

Operating costs must be tracked carefully in order to ensure that your facility is turning a profit. The more energy-efficient your facility is, the less you will spend on energy and utility costs over time.

The type of pilot lights that you are using in your machinery indicator panels can affect your total electrical consumption. Traditional pilot lights tend to use up quite a bit of energy over their lifetime. Manufacturers have started to release LED pilot light replacement bulbs that you can use in your indicator panels instead.

LED bulbs require less energy to produce the same amount of light as their traditional counterparts. You will also be able to reduce your operating costs by taking advantage of the longevity of LED bulbs.

The average lifespan of an LED bulb is between 10,000 and 25,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs only last about 1,00 hours, and CFL bulbs are good for anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 hours.

The longer lifespan of LED pilot light bulbs means that you won't have to replace these bulbs as often. You will be able to enjoy a fully functioning indicator panel while minimizing the cost of replacement components.

2. Pilot Lights are Affected by the Environment

The environment inside an industrial facility can be harsh. You may experience a lot of noise pollution, dirt, debris, or extreme operating temperatures on your production floor. These environmental conditions have the potential to adversely affect your pilot lights if you don't invest in quality bulbs.

LED pilot light bulbs are known for their durability.

The lifespan of an LED pilot light will not be shortened when exposed to high temperatures while in operation. Since LED bulbs run cooler than their counterparts, you can rest assured that LED pilot lights won't contribute to any overheating in your industrial machines.

3. Pilot Lights Can be Customized

The primary purpose of an indicator panel is to signal your employees when something goes wrong with a machine. Indicator panels can be programmed to detect changes in operating temperatures, oil viscosity, and fluid levels.

Your employees will be able to safely shut the machine down and make the necessary repairs before a major malfunction occurs when indicator panels are present.

LED pilot light replacement bulbs come in a wide range of colors. This allows you to easily customize your indicator panels to meet your needs.

You can choose from red, yellow, green, white, or blue bulbs. By color-coordinating your pilot lights with the function of your indicator panels, it will be easy for an employee to spot a problem, quickly identify the cause of the problem, and keep your industrial machines running efficiently over time.

Indicator panels are small components that play a major role in the overall performance of your industrial machines.

The pilot lights that are installed on each indicator panel allow the panel to communicate with nearby employees. LED pilot light replacement bulbs make an efficient and durable addition to any indicator panel.

For more information about LED bulbs, like YuCo YC-22R-3 lights, contact a local supplier.